ZIP-11: zerozero Ambassador - Governance Proposal


Any zerozero token holder can become a zerozero Ambassador and help grow, promote, and enhance engagement for the zerozero community.

This community member will be paid a sum up to 500 USD in $00 tokens per month using the Ecosystem Fund of the zerozero DAO for a period of 6 months.

To apply, fill out the form found in Nomination Announcement with details about your person, your ambition, and your capabilities for the role.

Based on the answers you provide to this form, a post will be made in Special Council Announcements, a subcategory on the Special Council category in this Discourse, with an Ambassador tag.

The reactions of the community and their thoughts on your application will guide the decision making process of the current zerozero DAO administration in deciding the Ambassador.


Summary of the proposal

The goal of this proposal is to have the current moderating administration team of the zerozero DAO select talented, passionate, and capable community members to join the zerozero ecosystem and enhance awareness. This will allow the community surrounding the DAO to grow and be truly owned by the community members.

The nomination pool will be sourced through the community and any self nominations. The community will be able to influence the decision making process of electing an Ambassador.


A statement on why the zerozero community should implement this proposal

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are meant to be decentralized, and one way to ensure this is by giving the power of decision-making to the token holders. By giving the task of growing the ecosystem to the token holders, we can ensure that the zerozero DAO is more aligned with the will of its members and that enhancing visibility is performed in a fashion more aligned with the will of the zerozero DAO.

This ZIP is focused on the mechanics of the nomination process to ensure the community understands how zerozero Ambassadors will be elected and how they can participate in both the nomination and voting process.


An explanation of how the proposal aligns with the zerozero community

Adding tokenholders to the zerozero team gives power to the zerozero community and allows zerozero token holders to gain further control on the DAO. We can therefore ensure that all voices are heard and that moderation is performed by a team that is representative of the voice of zerozero tokenholders.


A breakdown of the platforms that will be used to enact this election

Nomination Process

A new topic, named Ambassador Nominees, will be posted in the announcements sub-category, detailing the nomination and election process as well as how to apply for the position. A link to a form for the application will be included in the Nomination Announcement and applicants will complete the form to submit their application.

Application Requirements & Recommendations

Given that a key function of Ambassador members is to help grow, promote, and enhance engagement for the zerozero community, it would be beneficial if the Applicant’s skills, knowledge and abilities are collectively suited to this objective. Relevant expertise includes experience in:

  • Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Knowledge of the blockchain space
  • Active involvement in the Creator space

Phase 1: Application and Verification - 7 days minimum

In this phase, applicants will be invited to put themselves forward for the zerozero Ambassador role.

In the Nomination Announcement on Discourse, a link to a form will be provided for Applicants to submit information related to their person and their capabilities.

The information provided shall remain confidential, or made public with the nomination profile at the option of the Applicant. This information will include the applications

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Discourse ID
  • Discord ID
  • Twitter profile
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Educational background, subject to verification
  • Professional background, subject to verification
  • Nomination profile:
    • The Applicant completes the nomination profile to build their case to the community on why they are the best suited for the Ambassador role and to further support the growth of the zerozero DAO. This nomination profile will be published on the Discourse.
    • Nomination statement: concise statement on why you are running for the Ambassador role
    • Motivation: please provide details on your motivation for being a zerozero Ambassador
    • Rationale: do you have any previous experience that is relevant to the role of an Ambassador? Please discuss any skills relevant to this position and how these will bring value to the zerozero community
    • Specifications: crypto participation, marketing experience, content creation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement
    • Concluding statement: summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Ambassador

All information will be treated as confidential except for the Discord ID, Discourse ID, and Nomination Profile which will be made public to the zerozero community for review.

Once the Applicant submits their information and nomination profile, a KYC and background verification process shall take place to verify the information submitted. The zerozero Foundation may engage an independent, third-party service provider to complete this process.

At any time, an Applicant can request to withdraw their application by email.

Phase 2: Community Discussion - 7 days minimum

Applicants that pass the KYC and background verification process are Nominees.

A new topic for each Nominee will be posted under the new Discourse category zerozero Special Council > Ambassador Nominees. This topic will be created by the administration team and will include the following information:

Title: The title will include the name of the applicant

Applicant information: All details that are public or selected to be posted as public by the Nominee shall be included in the topic

Nomination profile: All details and information of the Nominee will be included in the topic.

Topics in this category will be locked for editing but will be open for comments. During this time, zerozero DAO members can engage on each topic or with each Nominee, ask questions, and seek clarification as required prior to voting for the Nominees.

At any time, Nominees can request the zerozero Foundation to withdraw their nomination from the process by email or on the topic itself.

Phase 3: Election Process - 5 days minimum

The current administrative team of the zerozero DAO will elect a zerozero Ambassador.

The community’s feedback on the application of the moderator on both Discourse and Discord will be the most important factor in determining whether the Nominee will be elected or not.

zerozero Ambassador Seats & Term Limits

There is only one position currently available for the Ambassador role. Once filled, the Representative may remain in the position for up to 6 months.

Should there be a lack of qualified representatives for the position, the position will not be filled.

Steps to Implement

The community will vote on the creation of this Ambassador role on Snapshot.

The Ambassador role will be created, and community members will apply as applicants to become an Ambassador. Following that, Phase 2 and Phase 3 will be implemented.

A communication plan will be developed to inform all stakeholders of the change and how they can participate in the voting process.


Implementation of this proposal will begin immediately upon passage on Snapshot.

The Snapshot proposal will be up live on Snapshot on May 27th.

Overall Cost

The cost of this proposal is the cost to the zerozero DAO associated with paying the Ambassador.

The budget for the moderator in the first interaction of this program is set to a maximum of 500 USD in $00 tokens per month for a period of 6 months.