Zerozero DAO: Updated ZIP Categories and Proposal Process

The zerozero DAO serves as the foundational pillar for all creator communities, facilitating the creation and sustainability of creator currencies through active community participation.

The goal of the zerozero Foundation is to steward the growth and development of the zerozero ecosystem in a fair and inclusive way. It utilizes the Ecosystem Fund, which is controlled by a multisig wallet and directs funds as instructed by the zerozero DAO. It also provides an infrastructure for zerozero holders to collaborate through open and permissionless governance processes.

Updated Categories

Four updated ZIP (zerozero Improvement Proposal) categories ensure the smooth functioning and progressive enhancement of the DAO’s ecosystem: Governance, Tokenomics, Treasury, and Tipping. These categories will play crucial roles in shaping the strategic direction and operational efficiency of the zerozero DAO, reinforcing its commitment to decentralized governance and community-driven decision-making.

1. Governance
Proposals focusing on modifying the structure and rules of $00 DAO governance, including the creation and adjustment of ZIP categories and quorum requirements. This is essential as it maintains the democratic and transparent nature of the DAO, ensuring that all governance decisions reflect the collective will of the community.

2. Tokenomics ZIP
Proposals involving modifications to the tokenomics and distribution of $00, which is vital for maintaining a balanced and fair economic system within the ecosystem.

3. Treasury ZIP
Proposals relating to the allocations and transfers from the $00 treasury, directly impacting the resource management of the DAO.

4. Tipping ZIP
Proposals involving $00 tipping grants, encouraging community engagement and rewarding valuable contributions.

Each category ensures that the DAO remains responsive, sustainable, and aligned with its overarching mission to empower creators and their communities.

Updated Proposal Process

The updated proposal process for the zerozero DAO ensures that community members have a structured and transparent method for contributing to the development and governance of the ecosystem. The updated process is outlined below.

Proposal Submission:

  • Any member of the zerozero DAO can submit a proposal. Proposals are submitted on Discourse, where they are open for community discussion and feedback. For a proposal to advance, it must receive at least 20 likes within one month on Discourse. This engagement demonstrates community interest and support for the proposal.

Moderation and Archival:

  • If a proposal does not receive the required 20 likes within one month, it may be archived. However, if it gains the necessary support, it proceeds to the next stage.

Direct Submission by Special Council and Foundation Members:

  • Proposals can be directly sent to Snapshot for voting by special council members and foundation members, bypassing the draft phase on Discourse. This ensures that critical or time-sensitive proposals can be expedited.

Snapshot Voting:

  • Approved proposals are posted on Snapshot for a vote. Voting on Snapshot is gasless and weighted by the number of $00 tokens delegated to the voting address. Votes are transparent and verifiable, ensuring integrity in the decision-making process.

Voting Schedule:

  • Voting for ZIPs will remain open for voting for a minimum of 6 days. For example, if a vote starts on Monday at 10AM ET, the vote will close that following Sunday at 10AM ET.