ZIP Step 4: Vote

After the Foundation Board has approved a ZIP for a DAO vote, it’s time for the DAO to decide whether the proposal will be adopted.

Voting is done via Snapshot, where one $00 is equal to one vote, cast either “in favor” or “against”. The voting period lasts for 6 days. For example, from Monday at 10AM ET until the following Sunday at 10AM ET. Results are viewable on Snapshot and are usually also posted on the zerozero foundation Twitter.

If a proposal passes, the Foundation begins to work on implementation. The time to implement a ZIP depends on its specifics. Any new ZIPs that conflict with a passed ZIP may not be proposed until 3 months have passed since implementation.

To conclude, don’t forget that at the end of the day, the DAO’s governance is designed to be adaptable.

Hopefully this thread has helped you understand how ZIPs are created, how the process works, and who is involved.

Can’t wait to see all of your ideas and future ZIPs!


Huge things are coming!

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I believe that something huge is coming!

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