ZIP Step 1: Idea

Over a series of posts, we will recap the ZIP creation process to bring greater clarity and, hopefully, inspire all DAO members to come forward with their own ideas to improve the zerozero community. Key to this system of governance are ZIPs.

While creating a ZIP can be a tedious process, it is important to keep in mind that ZIPs are important for ensuring the DAO’s resources are being used responsibly.
We hope this provides helpful context as to why some ZIPs will take longer than others to go through the process, and why there’s even such a structured process in the first place.
If you’re currently drafting a ZIP and looking for inspiration on how to best structure and build out your ideas, we’d recommend checking out Help & Resources category.

ZIP Step 1: Idea

The first step for a ZIP is for an author to float their idea to the community. This means introducing your idea with the level of details that you want, on the General category on Discourse. For a week, you’ll have the opportunity to gather helpful feedback and assess how the community feels about your idea.

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