ZIP-10: DEX Listings for Creator Tokens - Treasury Management


Summary of the proposal.

This document proposes to the zerozero DAO that they use the creator token assets from the zerozero Treasury Wallet to list creator tokens on Uniswap as needed at the respective creator’s request. Listing on Uniswap is in line with the decision of ZIP-7.

The zerozero DAO acts as an administrator of the zerozero Treasury Wallet. The various aspects and holdings of the zerozero Treasury Wallet are governed by the DAO and are managed via votes from the zerozero community.

Through this proposal, the zerozero DAO will enter a management agreement and implement a process to create and inform the community about new positions using the creator token allocations owned by the Treasury Wallet. This management agreement will be valid for one year and be subject for renewal thereafter.


A statement on why the zerozero community should implement this proposal.

This proposal aims to allow the DAO to use the Treasury Wallet’s creator token allocations to easily and quickly create liquidity pools on Uniswap when requested by the respective creator.

Creator tokens are earned for free in several ways on, which constitutes the primary source of supply in the market. Community members looking to acquire tokens outside of such earning events or those who want to trade their tokens can do so via Uniswap if those creator tokens are listed on it.

Uniswap facilitates automated transactions of creator tokens and allows them to become liquid and viable currencies of their respective ecosystems.

Moving towards a streamlined and efficient process, the 00 Foundation will be able to rapidly add new creator tokens to Uniswap as demand grows. This can increase attention to these creator tokens and, in turn, foster an active zerozero ecosystem.


An explanation of how the proposal aligns with the zerozero community.

The zerozero ecosystem is composed of many elements, including creators, creator communities, the zerozero DAO, and others. These communities are united through the relevant creator token but are not fixed: they can grow and diminish for any number of reasons.

The zerozero DAO’s mission is to empower creators and users by providing a sustainable ecosystem for creator tokens.

Every creator token is not yet listed on Uniswap. The more creator tokens that get listed on Uniswap, the bigger the zerozero ecosystem becomes as more communities start using the ecosystem tools.


A breakdown of the platforms that will be used to enact this election.

General Structure
Uniswap is the gold standard for automated market making in DeFi. Creator coins in the form of ERC-20 tokens will be listed on Uniswap to be traded against another token or tokens of the respective creator’s choosing.

Through this management agreement, the zerozero DAO will automatically list creator coins by creating liquidity pools on behalf of the creator. Once the token is listed on Uniswap, the price for a given creator token will be determined directly by the liquidity in its pool through the constant product formula.

These liquidity pools will allow anyone to swap in and out of any creator token to join their selected communities and gain access to the creator’s ecosystem.

The zerozero DAO will also publicly announce newly listed tokens, pairs, and links to these liquidity pools on a monthly basis, in an effort to boost visibility and inform the community of the DAO’s actions. In addition to the public announcement of newly listed tokens and pairs, the zerozero DAO will also announce the value of the liquidity pools on a monthly basis.

This management agreement will be valid for a duration of one year, following which it will be subject to renewal upon agreement from the zerozero community.

The address of the Treasury Wallet is as follows: treasury.zerozero.eth or 0xC84E0BDBEd209afe1e40D026878904CB4b6246F7.

Steps to Implement

  1. Transfer the holdings of respective creator tokens from the zerozero Treasury Wallet to launch liquidity pools on Uniswap when the respective creator chooses to do so.
  2. Report newly listed pairs and the value of liquidity pools on a monthly basis.


Voting period: 7 days from the proposal posting date

Implementation: Within 30 days of the vote conclusion

Overall Cost

No cost to implement.

Please vote for the option you believe will best serve the zerozero community’s interests and growth. Your participation is essential in shaping the future of our ecosystem.