ZIP Idea : Listing 3 more creator tokens on the zerozero DEX

Following ZIP-3 and ZIP-4 implementation, there are now 8 pairs listed on the zerozero DEX.

The Launchpad ( counts a total of 17 creator tokens, this means that not all creator tokens are listed yet on the zerozero DEX.

The goal of this ZIP Idea is to discuss the fact of adding 3 more creator tokens to the zerozero DEX :

  • $ISH, the token of Canadian producer/DJ and environmental activist BLOND:ISH
  • $CULTURED, the token of the print magazine CULTURED
  • $EHTAGA, the token of Paris-based designer, DJ, and model Agathe Mougin

Alongside these listings, the corresponding Creator Worlds would be launched by P00LS.

Adding these 3 new tokens to the zerozero ecosystem further increases the size of the ecosystem and is beneficial to all the members of the zerozero DAO.

Learn more about what a Creator World is here.

If you have any questions, remarks or comments about this ZIP Idea, please feel free to post them below.