Welcome to the zerozero DAO

The zerozero DAO

Welcome to the zerozero DAO!
The zerozero DAO’s mission is to help every creator and brand design their own social token and scale it to serve as the currency for their respective ecosystems.
Think of the zerozero DAO as the cornerstone for all creator communities. Through the zerozero DAO, creator currencies are brought to life and sustained by their members. The zerozero DAO underpins our entire ecosystem, giving members a key into every creator world.

The Foundation

The zerozero Foundation is the steward of the zerozero DAO. Its sole purpose is to execute the $00 tokenholder community’s decisions.

The goal of the zerozero Foundation is to steward the growth and development of the zerozero ecosystem in a fair and inclusive way. It utilizes the Ecosystem Fund, which is controlled by a multisig wallet and directs funds as instructed by the zerozero DAO. It also provides an infrastructure for zerozero holders to collaborate through open and permissionless governance processes.

zerozero Values

  • We believe in communities: Communities are the heart of the creator economy. All communities are welcome, no matter their size. We respect all creators and their communities.
  • We believe in culture: We believe in the priceless value of connection, relationships and people, in culture in all of its forms across the world.
  • We believe in transparency: The zerozero DAO will be building its ecosystem publicly, documenting every decision and discussion. Everything will be openly shared with the community.
  • We believe in world-building: The zerozero DAO allows for creators to build their world in Web3 through their own currency. We strive for natural, organic and sustainable growth for all ecosystems we enable. We also value community members that bring long-lasting value to all creator ecosystems as well as our own.

These values are integral to the success of the zerozero DAO.

Proposal Process

Discourse is used for idea generation, community discussion, and the preparation of the ZIP Draft.

  • All Topics submitted in Discourse must be approved by a moderator before it appears to the community. If it is rejected, you (the author) will be contacted by a moderator directly. If approved, the ZIP idea will receive comments for 7 days.
  • When the Topic is closed, a moderator will message the author of the Topic directly in Discourse to put together the ZIP Draft.
  • The ZIP Draft will go through the moderation, analysis, and review process done by a team of moderators. If approved, it moves on to Board Approval (Phase 4) and becomes a Pending ZIP.
  • The Board will check that this proposal is aligned with the zerozero DAO’s best interests and future developments. If approved, the Pending ZIP becomes a Live ZIP. Moderators will update the community on the status of the Topics in the comments after the Topic is closed.
  • Approved ZIPs will be put on Snapshot for vote. Once live on Snapshot, Live ZIPs are open to voting until Weekly Voting Close, which is at 10 AM ET on the Sunday following their release.

Voting Process

All Live ZIPs will be posted on Snapshot for vote on the zerozero DAO Space. A summary of the voting process can be found below.

New ZIPs are posted every week on Monday at 10AM ET and close the following Sunday at 10AM ET.

zerozero DAO members may delegate their votes to another zerozero DAO member. Delegation must occur prior to the posting of the ZIP on Snapshot.

zerozero Behavioral Guidelines

Respect your fellow holders.

We’re all part of the zerozero family together. Make sure you treat everyone as you would treat yourself. Bring your fellow holders up by helping them in their quest for justice in the zerozero ecosystem.
Be patient with everyone. zerozero members do not all possess the same level of knowledge and expertise regarding DAOs. Ensure everyone feels onboarded and has their questions answered.

This house is your house

If there was a leak in your boat, you would fix it. You’re part of the zerozero community, if something has gone wrong, don’t hesitate to reach out to moderators or, if you think you can handle it easily without it leading to a potential negative outcome, handle it yourself.

Don’t reply to bad behavior, just flag it and don’t engage in negative or non-constructive conversation with others - this won’t help zerozero move forward.

Moderators aren’t responsible for what you post, you are. Make sure it’s appropriate and it brings value to the conversation. Don’t post anything offensive, abusive or anything that could be considered a form of hate speech.

Use Discourse correctly

Discourse can be a bit daunting if you’ve never seen it before. Before you start replying to other people or posting topics everywhere, make sure you familiarize yourself with the way the forum is structured.

Categories, tags, bookmarks, likes, flags, replies and edits are your friends. Make sure you know how they work so you can contribute positively to the community.

Speak your mind respectfully

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and feel free to comment on available posts. Community members will not consider any questions or comments irrelevant or stupid.

Keep things clean

Don’t post anything violent or sexually explicit.

Don’t insult anyone, expose anyone, their private information, or anything that others may want to keep private.

Make sure we stay organized. This is important.

Don’t use this platform to promote anything you yourself or a group you are associated with is doing. This space belongs to the zerozero ecosystem.

Bring your own ideas

Don’t sign your posts, especially with any private information. This space is completely public.

Don’t copy anyone else’s idea(s). Bring your own ideas to the table in a respectful way.

You may not steal anyone else’s intellectual property (links, videos, articles, images) for your own benefit or argument. This place is for self-opinionated group discussion only.