@Simba - Nomination 8/2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Simba
Discord ID: Simba#8192
Twitter: @Simba_djms

Nomination Statement

I am absolutely thrilled and enthusiastic about securing a seat on the Special Council! Being a key contributor to this community since the beginning, I am an excellent candidate to become a Special Council Representative and tackle any challenges that face the zerozero community. I’m excited to continue building alongside everyone and grow the community.


By contributing to the community’s growth and empowerment, members can leave a lasting impact on the entire ecosystem. The chance to engage with like-minded individuals, explore innovative ideas, and collectively build a sustainable and transparent ecosystem fosters a sense of purpose and fulfillment that is truly rewarding. Embracing the ethos of decentralized finance and Web3, being a part of the zerozero DAO brings a sense of empowerment, ownership, and belonging to a thriving digital community.


Becoming a member of the zerozero DAO offers an exhilarating opportunity to channel my expertise and passion into a dynamic and forward-thinking ecosystem. With a solid foundation in developing and implementing strategies for P00LS, I am driven to use this experience to foster growth and further develop the zerozero ecosystem.


With a deep understanding of multiple DAO organizations, both successful and unsuccessful, I possess valuable insight into the dynamics that underpin DAO failures and successes. Drawing from these lessons, I am well-equipped to steer the zerozero DAO towards success by sidestepping potential pitfalls.

Concluding Statement

Undoubtedly, my relentless work ethic drives me to invest multiple hours a day in community management and marketing endeavors, unwaveringly committed to seeing projects through until they thrive. The success of the zerozero ecosystem is a personal mission, one that I am determined to transform into my next milestone. My expertise in marketing and community management solidifies my candidature as a top candidate for the position. Moreover, my familiarity with diverse crypto markets and proficiency in blockchain technology positions me as a versatile asset to the zerozero DAO. My dedication, paired with a profound grasp of the intricacies within the crypto space, renders me an ideal member ready to contribute significantly to the growth and success of the zerozero ecosystem.

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Expectations . Looking forward to more great talent :muscle:

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