Second batch of creator worlds

The first batch of Creator Worlds ($STEELO, $FEVER, $HEART, $NIKITA) is OUT!
You can now interact and connect with your favorite creators like never before. IRL meetups, concert tickets, merch discounts… access it all in creator worlds.
If you need more of these tokens to unlock new utilities, the zerozero DEX is here for you!

A second batch of creator worlds ($NYELA, $MAHCOIN, $IAM, $ISH, $LITA) will be out soon!
This means that these tokens will soon be available on the zerozero DEX along with the first batch of creator world tokens!

Learn more on how to fully use creator worlds here.

If you are looking forward to the next batch of creator worlds, let the zerozero community know!
Please don’t hesitate to propose new utility ideas for $CREA tokens that could be accessed via these creator worlds.

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