Nomination Announcement - zerozero Special Council

The following post is the Nomination Announcement for the zerozero Special Council position. This announcement marks the start of the Special Council nomination process as per ZIP 6.

  • General elections housekeeping (e.g. where things will live on Discourse)
  • Details on the nomination and election process
  • The application process and how to apply to become a Special Council member


A new category has been added to Discourse called Special Council. This is where nominations will go up. The sub-categories of this category include:

  • Announcements
    • This contains high-level nomination and announcements for the elections.
  • Special Council Nominees
    • This sub-category is where the community will be able to engage with, ask questions of, and seek clarification from nominees on their nomination profile pages. Nominees are applicants that have submitted an application and completed the background verification process.
  • Rejected/Withdrawn Nominations
    • Any application that is withdrawn by the applicant, rejected by the community or withdrawn for any other reason will be moved here.

The Nomination and Elections Process

The nomination process for the zerozero DAO is established by ZIP-6, which outlines a preliminary process for community members to participate in the zerozero Special Council. The nomination process is as follows:

  • Phase 1: Applicants are invited to put themselves forward for the zerozero Special Council. The Nomination Announcement (this post) facilitates the submission of applications via a Google Form. Applicants should submit their KYC information, relevant documents, and nomination profile drafts.
  • Phase 2: Verified applicants will be posted to the Special Council Nominees category and the community discusses the nomination profile.
  • Phase 3: Based on the community’s feedback, the current zerozero administration will elect a Special Council Nominee.

The Application Process - How to Apply

We are currently in Phase 1 where you may apply for a role at the zerozero Special Council through Google Form.

If you would like to be a Special Council member for the zerozero DAO, you must submit your application to the Google Form.

Please complete this form to submit your application to be a Special Council member.

Hyperlink to Google Form

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