@best - Nomination 5/2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @best5162
Discord ID: best#5162
Twitter: NA

Nomination Statement

I am seeking a seat on the Special Council because I aspire to expand the 00 community and enable all members to actively participate in our marketing strategy. My goal is to increase the real user base of the community by 5-10 times by the end of 2023, resulting in a corresponding price increase.


You can only create value to get more value, no matter who you are! Because of this, I am fully committed to the Web3 industry, P00LS, and serving the community, as this is a project I am very optimistic about. I genuinely want the 00 community to be strong, be a voice for the community and for all community members to make money through our combined marketing efforts.


My career has been built on developing and implementing strategies for managing companies, operating communities, and investing since 2020. Within eight months, I successfully grew over 4000 social communities, each with more than 300 members, utilizing marketing and community management expertise. I intend to employ this experience, coupled with an understanding of human nature, as the core of my strategy to foster growth and genuine prosperity within the zerozero community.


Studying numerous DAO organizations, both successful and failed implementations, has provided me with valuable insights into the reasons behind DAO failures. By learning from these failures, we can avoid repeating the same mistakes. To rally an organization and its supporters, it is crucial to establish clear goals and define actionable strategies. Experience has shown that without a clear direction, a DAO lacks the internal drive required to achieve its objectives. As an organization grows and sets multiple goals, conflicts between these objectives may arise. Given the diverse nature of individuals with varying ideas, perspectives, powers, and even languages, it is vital to establish clear guidelines that unite everyone towards a common goal. I aim to assist in identifying and defining this shared goal.

Concluding Statement

I am a workaholic who can put 14 hours a day into community management and marketing, and when something looks good, I dedicate my time until it works. I pledge to make the success of the 00 project my next career. With my marketing skills and experience in managing a community, I feel I’m the best person for the job. I’m familiar with various crypto markets and I am skilled in many sides of blockchain technology.

My English is one of my weaknesses and I may not be able to speak at meetings, but I will not let it hinder me as I can use text communication and translation software to communicate without compromising any of my work. I’ve been able to help engage and manage the English and French communities quite well in the three months I’ve been a moderator, and firmly believe that as long as the P00LS team and the community are united under one clear purpose, the 00 community will grow tremendously! Always believing that value unites us and motivates the community.

I will always insist on the following: May everyone in the 00 world always keep their dreams, may everyone in the 00 world always keep their dreams alive, keep their faith strong and together we will achieve greatness!

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